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  • Outsourced H1 Assessments

    A simple and cost effective process that makes H1 compliance easy for you

    How does it work

    It's really quite simple. 

                 - We send you some information that outlines what plans
                    and details are needed for the H1 assessment. 
                 - You send us your proposed design and plans
                 - We check the plans and assess the complexity of the work
                 - We advise you of the fee for the assessment  
                 - We start the H1 Assessment work once you have accepted
                 - We will contact you and discuss things if your plans fail
                 - We will suggest options and make recommendations with 
                   your designs to ensure they comply
                 - We send you the completed H1 Assessment Report

    What does it cost

                 Basic Plan                    $350 + GST
                 Detailed Plan                $650 + GST
                 Complex Plans             Quote basis

    What's the criteria for these assessments

                Basic Plan                    <250m2 
                                                    single level / one stud height
                                                    one cladding material / one type of glazing
                                                    glazing < 30% of exterior wall surface

                Detailed Plan                250m2 - 380m2
                                                    multi level / more than one stud height
                                                    more than one cladding material 
                                                    more than one type of glazing
                                                    glazing > 30% but < 40% of exterior walls

                Complex Plan              All commercial buildings
                                                   More complex residential buildings 

    Building Consent Authorities

    Ashburton District Council
    Auckland City Council
    Christchurch City Council
    Dunedin City Council
    Far North District Council
    Grey District Council
    Hutt City Council
    Invercargill City Council
    Manukau City Council
    Marlborough District Council
    Nelson District Council
    Northland Regional Council
    Porirua City Council
    Queenstown Lakes District Council
    Rodney District Council
    Selwyn District Council
    Southland District Council
    Tasman District Council
    Westland District Council