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  • Our Calculation Process

    Knowing what to assess and understanding how to do that is important when compliance is essential

    "H1 Assessments are complex calculations and require several key elements.....
                 - experienced people
                 - knowledge and currency of the rules
                 - recency and competency with the assessment
                 - a capable tool that ensures compliance"

    How do we do it

    We have 4 preparatory steps that we use in the planning phase of our assessments;

         1.  Thermal Envelope assessment 
         2.  Plan measurement & take off
         3.  Construction type definition
         4.  Orientation & placement

    We then complete the H1 assessment using our proprietary tool which has all Acceptable Solution (AS1) Building Code parameters (NZS 4218) imbedded;

         1.  Data insertion
         2.  Approved Method assessment
         3.  Required Method calculation process

    Schedule Method

          1.  Correct Schedule Table (Construction Type & Climate Zone)
          2.  All R-Values checked
          3.  Heated Components checked
          4.  E3 Requirements checked
          5.  Compliance verified
          6.  H1 Assessment Report produced

    Calculation Method

          1.  Reference Building Calculations (30% & 70% rule)
          2.  Heat Loss assessment (Proposed & Reference building)
          3.  Calculation Method compliance check (60% R-Value rule)
          4.  Heated Components checked
          5.  E3 Requirements checked
          6.  Compliance verified
          7.  H1 Assessment Report produced

    Model Method

    A full calculation modelling approach is undertaken in accordance with the Verification Methods required by NZS 4218

    "I have used H1 Solutions on three projects to date. 

    I have found the service provided to be efficient & reasonably priced

    Using H1 Solutions allows me to concentrate on my core business & not have to get bogged down learning how to do H1 calculations".

    Phil Mason
    Phil Mason Consultants Ltd Auckland